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Aimee is a Colorado Native and has helped many families who have moved from Chicago to the Denver area. When she is not educating her clients on their insurance policies she can be found cheering for her kids playing baseball or hockey or cheering for the Broncos and Av's.

Huge Hail

The Weather in Colorado is Perfect – Except for Hail

Colorado has amazing weather, except for the hail.

It’s hard to beat 300+ days of sun a year! We also have very low humidity, which makes even our hottest days far more comfortable than the claustrophobic humidity of the Midwest.

Once a year we might get a full week above 90f or below 20f, but other than that, the temperature is mild both in summer and winter. If we have a day that is extreme hot or cold it generally only lasts a day and maybe not even the full day.

You will often hear the saying “Don’t like the weather in Colorado? – Wait 5 minutes, it will change.”

Colorado weather is perfect – except the hail.

Hail in Denver

We don’t often get hail this large in Colorado, but it can happen!
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Since 2008, each summer the Denver Metro area gets hit with several hail storms that have caused millions of dollars of damage to homes and cars—all in about 5 to 10 minutes!

The most recent storm on May 8, 2017, caused an estimated $1.5 Billion of damage in less than 15 minutes.

Clients moving from the Chicago area often ask me, “Why is insurance so expensive here?”

The simple answer: hail.

A roof should last about 30 years but in the metro area they end up getting replaced every 10-15 years.

Auto body shops have more business than they can handle after a hail storm. Customers often have to wait 2-3 months to get their car repaired.

What does this mean for you? Be prepared to pay a little more for your insurance when you move to Colorado. Also make sure you know how your coverage works as some policies do not cover 100% of hail damage.

There are ways to keep you rates down.

One is to go with a cut-rate insurance company with the lowest possible rates. However, is it worth saving a hundred dollars on your annual premium if it leaves you exposed to thousands of dollars of losses if worst comes to worst?

At my agency, I offer policies that offer comprehensive coverage for my clients at affordable prices. When the hail hits (and it will), they’re covered. It’s worth a bit more out-of-pocket to know you’re secure.

Hail in Denver

Hail-damaged trucks at a local dealership.
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Don’t let the cost of insurance discourage you from your decision to Colorado.

The many pros outweigh the few cons.

If you want to know what you’ll pay for insurance on a home in Colorado, I’d love to help you evaluate your options before you arrive so you that you can factor those costs into your budget. Whether you’re planning to rent or purchase a home, I’ll partner with you to make sure you’re protected.

Questions about Colorado’s weather, hail, or insurance in general? You can reach me through my signature, or leave me a comment below.